is there no simply working SIP software in debian ???

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@x2ero #Linphone 4.4.0 is installed here and is very simple to use. Since they switched to QT5, it got a really improvement in easiness.

@roland i did not manage to make linphone even use my sip account.

@roland i use linphone on an other machine. but this time, no way.

@roland a, just found out, the version in debian is rather old. I give another shot on the new version.

@x2ero Oh, that's bad to hear. It works out-of-the-box with a Linphone account. And Zoiper isn't really a choice ...

@0mega just tried the "newest" linphone version, works great! In debian is a very old version I found out.

@0mega @roland So, to answer my original question: No, there isn't ;-)

@0mega Oh no, I'm not courages enough for unstable ;-)

@x2ero I have 4.4.0 here. Maybe your distribution is stable or oldstable? From point of stability view, then sure the GTK-based version is more stable but lesser appealing. Otherwise I tried many other SIP software, like #Ekiga (not updated anymore?) and #Telepathy but doesn't work without KDE. Linphone so far had been working well. Finally also encrypted chat+file transfer works. I use @owncloud for file transfers, or rarely #Dino or even Linphone (I just did it there).
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